New Jersey State Police Command Staff

Photo of Colonel Patrick J. Callahan

Colonel Patrick J. Callahan
Acting Superintendent

Photo of

Chief of Staff

Photo of Lt. Colonel Albert Ponenti

LTC Albert Ponenti
Deputy Superintendent of Homeland Security

Photo of Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Mottley

LTC Jeffrey Mottley
Deputy Superintendent of Operations

Photo of Lt. Colonel Raymond Guidetti

LTC Raymond Guidetti
Deputy Superintendent of Investigations

Photo of Lt. Colonel Steven Shallop

LTC Steven Shallop
Deputy Superintendent of Administration

Photo of LTC Scott Ebner

LTC Scott Ebner
Regional Operations & Intelligence Center Commander

Photo of Major Ron Hampton

Major Ron Hampton
Commanding Officer
Intelligence & Criminal Enterprise Section

Photo of Major David Acevedo

Major David Acevedo
Commanding Officer
Special Investigations Section

Photo of Major Anthony Ceravolo

Major Anthony Ceravolo
Commanding Officer
Division Human Resources Section

Photo of Major James A. Parker

Major James A. Parker
Commanding Officer
Administration Section

Photo of Major David Brady

Major David Brady
Commanding Officer
Emergency Management Section

Photo of Major Brandon F. Gray

Major Brandon F. Gray
Commanding Officer
Identification & Information Technology Section

Photo of Major John Baldosaro

Major John Baldosaro
Commanding Officer
Office of Professional Standards

Photo of Major Frederick Fife

Major Frederick Fife
Commanding Officer
Special Operations Section

Photo of Major Glen Szenzenstein

Major Glen Szenzenstein
Commanding Officer
Field Operations Section

Photo of Major Louis Bucchere

Major Louis Bucchere
Commanding Officer
Regional Operations & Intelligence Center

Photo of Major Richard Laverty

Major Richard Laverty
Troop A Commander

Photo of Major Michael Devlin

Major Michael Devlin
Troop B Commander

Photo of Major Mach Jackson

Major Mach Jackson
Troop C Commander

Photo of Major Eric Heitmann

Major Eric Heitmann
Troop D Commander

Photo of Major Glenn Teryek

Major Glenn Teryek
Commanding Officer
Division Health and Safety Officer

Photo of Major Geoffrey Noble

Major Geoffrey Noble
Commanding Officer
Office of Forensic Sciences

Photo of Major Kevin Cowan

Major Kevin Cowan
Commanding Officer
Office of Executive Protection

Photo of Major Brian Polite

Major Brian Polite
Commanding Officer
Office of Community Outreach and Public Affairs

Photo of Major Juan Colon

Major Juan Colon
Office of the Regional Operations & Intelligence Center

Photo of Major Wayne Korte

Major Wayne Korte
Commanding Officer
Office of the Chief of Staff

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