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Crime Scene Investigation Units - North - Central - South

The Crime Scene Investigation units are available at all times to provide crime scene investigation services within the State of New Jersey. Services are offered to requesting agencies in three categories in accordance with their needs:

Full Service - The complete handling and processing of primary and secondary crime scenes are provided. Crime Scene services include: crime scene documentation with still photography, videography and diagraming; friction ridge skin impression development, analysis, comparison and evaluation, recognition, documentation, collection, packaging, handling, preservation, transfer and submission of evidence according to the rules of evidence. The unit members also provide expert testimony in court.

Partial Service - The State Police Crime Scene Investigator can provide whatever services are necessary to meet the needs of the requesting agency by working with the Crime Scene Investigator of that agency.

Consultant Services - The State Police Crime Scene Investigator can serve as a consultant to the Crime Scene Investigators of the requesting agencies either on the scene or by telephone. He will advise on all matters dealing with the processing of the crime scene and the subsequent submission of evidence to the laboratory.

In connection with the services listed above, the State Police Crime Scene Investigator can arrange for other sub discipline specialists withing the State Police Crime Scene Investigation Units (i.e., Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, Crime Scene and Shooting Scene Reconstruction Analysts) and laboratory scientists and ballistics detectives to respond to the scene if needed. The following information is provided as contact numbers for the services of the Crime Scene Investigation Units.

North Crime Scene Unit - N.J.S.P. Totowa Headquarters (973) 785-9412

Central Crime Scene Unit - N.J.S.P. Hamilton Headquarters (609) 584-5000

South Crime Scene Unit - N.J.S.P. Buena Vista Headquarters (609) 561-1800


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