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August 24, 2007

30 New Troopers Graduate Academy & Receive
Assignments Across the State
147th New Jersey State Police Recruit Training Class Complete Intensive 25-Week Training Program

Toms River, N.J. - First Assistant Attorney General John M. Vazquez and State Police Superintendent Colonel Joseph R. Fuentes today presented 30 badges to New Jersey’s newest state troopers during graduation ceremonies at the Rittacco Center.

“I congratulate today’s graduates on completing the tough training regimen at the Academy,'' First Assistant Attorney General Vazquez said. "It has prepared them to respond to the challenges of police work in New Jersey. They will be patrolling our highways, and waterways, fighting gangs, guns, and violence, and they will play a vital role as well in addressing our homeland security needs.’’

“The troopers of the 147th New Jersey State Police class have completed a very long and arduous process that is only the beginning of a very exciting career. They have the opportunity to specialize in more than 120 facets of police work, from cutting edge crime scene investigation to tracking down child predators or flying rescue missions in our Medevac helicopters,” Colonel Fuentes said. “Today's troopers are on the front lines of homeland security, partnering with our communities to ensure the safety of all citizens of this state, with impartiality and compassion,” he added.

According to Lieutenant Thomas Souchek, Commandant of the State Police Training Academy, the training program has undergone significant changes during the past several years. Among the changes, the recruits are exposed to scenario based experiential training and the integration of Intelligence Led Policing. Upon completion of the program the new troopers are prepared to further the Division’s “All Crimes, All Hazards, All Threats” policing model.

To further ensure the needs of our diverse citizenry are met, the members of the 147th New Jersey State Police Class took part in classroom lectures and training in the areas of constitutional law, domestic violence, traffic enforcement, accident reduction, community service, cultural awareness, ethical decision making and leadership.

Today’s trooper is responsible for hometown and homeland protection and the New Jersey State Police Academy has provided a training experience for these men and women that is rooted in best practices and will serve them with a foundation for a positive and productive future.

In commenting on the overall selection process for State Police recruit training classes, Colonel Fuentes reported that each applicant applying to the State Police is required to have a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree or have completed 60 college credits, plus at least two years of satisfactory employment or, have completed 30 college credits from an accredited college or university plus at least two years of active duty military service with an honorable discharge

Colonel Fuentes said that the probationary troopers will be assigned to stations throughout the state and over the next 11 weeks will begin their careers under the watchful eye of their Trooper-Coaches and supervisors.

Four troopers were honored today for their actions while on duty. They received Certificates of Commendation along with ribbons for their uniforms. They are:

Certificate of Commendation
Sergeant Joseph Shell #4922

On April 21, 2005, while patrolling in the City of Newark, Sergeant Joseph Shell heard a scream in the area of Vailsburg Park. Sergeant Shell responded to the park and observed a sixty-five pound pit bull attacking the girl. Sergeant Shell activated his siren temporarily frightening the animal. Sergeant Shell with assistance from two bystanders was placing the victim in the rear of his troop car when he observed the dog approaching at a rapid pace. The dog ran past Sergeant Shell’s vehicle and attacked another victim as she entered the park.

Sergeant Shell without regard for his own safety ran toward the attack and tried to free the victim from the grip of the pit bull. Sergeant Shell then grabbed the attacking pit bull by the back of its neck freeing the victim and stopping the attack.

Sergeant Shell assisted the victim into his vehicle and called for first aid. Both victims had suffered several bite wounds on the arms and legs.

Certificate of Commendation
Trooper Kevin Brophy #5675
Trooper Sean Boag #6021

On September 9, 2005 at approximately 2:55 a.m. while on patrol, Troopers Kevin Brophy #5675 and Sean Boag #6021 observed a fire in a hotel room at the Woodbridge Hilton in Woodbridge Twp., Middlesex County. The troopers responded to the location to ensure that hotel personnel were aware of the incident. Upon their arrival they were informed that the hotel staff was unaware of the fire.

Troopers Brophy and Boag then sprang into action. Without the benefit of protective masks or other breathing apparatus the Troopers made their way through smoke filled corridors to evacuate the approximately 275 guests who were in a potentially life threatening situation. Troopers Brophy and Boag reacted as the first responders and initiated the evacuation of those during this harrowing incident.

After the incident Troopers Brophy and Boag were treated for smoke inhalation at Raritan Bay Medical Center and released.

Certificate of Commendation
Detective Sergeant John Baldosaro #5027

Detective Sergeant John Baldosaro #5027, a member of the New Jersey State Police Counter Terrorism Bureau, Intelligence Section, is assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). As a member of the task force, DSG Baldosaro is responsible for conducting nationally classified investigations involving known or suspected individuals engaged in domestic and/or international activities which threaten the security of the United States.

The following PDF contains a list of the graduates:   VIEW PDF


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