Business Integrity Unit

The Business Integrity Unit is legislatively mandated/empowered to perform three separate and very distinctive functions, namely, conduct various investigations related to New Jersey’s solid and hazardous waste, horse racing and school construction industries.

Solid and Hazardous Waste
Unit members conduct confidential/comprehensive background investigations on individuals and business applicants seeking a license to engage in the collection, storage or disposal of solid/hazardous waste materials. Unit members also conduct compliance checks which include financial audits, on-site inspections and review of operational practices in an attempt to prevent any activity which would adversely affect the industry.

Horse Racing
Unit members perform the role of agency liaison while maintaining a professional working relationship with the New Jersey Racing Commission. This occurs as unit members conduct thorough investigations regarding alleged wrongdoing which could potentially be detrimental to the industry.

School Construction
Unit members conduct complete and unbiased pre-qualification investigations involving all contractors and other professionals desiring to engage in certain school construction projects.

The Business Integrity Unit’s constant goal is to try and continue protecting the overall integrity of those above mentioned industries, operating in the State of New Jersey.

Related Information: Unit Contact Info: 609-341-3433

Information for licensing procedures can be obtained via the Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Racing Commission and School Development Authority’s respective website, available 24 hours a day.

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