In Memoriam - 1920's

They gave their lives upholding our tradition of Honor, Duty, Fidelity.

Trooper John Madden

Trooper John Madden

Badge: # 383
Class: 17
Rank: Trooper
Age: 23
Died: 3-3-1929; Bridgeton Hospital, Cumberland Co.
DOB: 10-9-1905
Cause: Cycle Accident
Site: Injured 3-1-29; Bridgeton, Cumberland Co.
Stationed: Troop "A" Deerfield
Service Time: 9 months
Resided: Elizabeth, Union Co.

John Madden was born on October 9, 1905 in Sheradoah, Pennsylvania, moving to New Jersey in 1921. He was a graduate of Girard College in Philadelphia, PA. He was an accomplished athlete while in school and maintained his interest in athletics up to the time of his death. Prior to joining the New Jersey State Police, Trooper Madden worked as a carpenter. He resided in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey.

Trooper Madden enlisted in the New Jersey State Police on September 16, 1928 as a member of the 17th State Police Class. He was assigned to Troop "A", Deerfield. His service was characterized by loyalty, fearless performance of duty and faithful and energetic devotion to the high principles of the New Jersey State Police.

The death of Trooper Madden resulted from injuries received while in the performance of duty.

On March 1, 1929, Trooper Madden was detailed on motorcycle patrol from Deerfield Station in Cumberland County. While on patrol, he was in an accident that resulted in internal injuries. Trooper Madden was taken to the Bridgeton Hospital where he died at 5:30 p.m. on March 3, 1929.

Trooper Madden served 9 months with the New Jersey State Police. He was 24 years old.

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