In Memoriam - 1930's

They gave their lives upholding our tradition of Honor, Duty, Fidelity.

Sergeant John D. Divers

Sergeant John D. Divers

Badge: # 127
Class: 2
Rank: Sergeant
Age: 35
Died: 5-2-1930
DOB: 7-22-1894
Cause: Septicemia Poisoning
Site: Infected1-19-1930; Florence Twp., Burlington
Died: 5-2-19930; Easton Hospital, Easton, Pa.
Stationed: Troop "C" Columbus
Service Time: 8 years 1 month
Resided: Columbia, Warren Co.

John D. Divers was born on July 22, 1894 in Blairstown, New Jersey and he resided in Columbia, Warren County. He attended Blairstown High School, Blairstown Academy, Carnegie Institute of Technology and the New York Trade School. Prior to enlisting in the New Jersey State Police he worked as an electrician and a mechanic. Sergeant Divers was a veteran of the First World War, having served in the 308th Field Artillery Battery “F” from 1917 to 1919.

Sergeant Divers enlisted in the New Jersey State Police on April 1, 1922 as a member of the 2nd Class. His service with the New Jersey State Police was characterized by loyalty, fearless performance of duty and faithful and energetic devotion to the high principals of the New Jersey State Police.

Sergeant Divers died from septicemia poisoning as a result of an infection contracted in the line of duty.

On January 19, 1930, an open sore on Sergeant Divers’ finger came into contact with contaminated blood from a person he was arresting. An infection developed causing him to be hospitalized in mid-April and he died on May 2, 1930.

Sergeant Divers served 8 years and 1 month with the New Jersey State Police.

He was survived by his wife. Sergeant Divers was 35 years old.

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