In Memoriam - 1930's

They gave their lives upholding our tradition of Honor, Duty, Fidelity.

Trooper Vincent Vosbein

Trooper Vincent Vosbein

Badge: # 633
Class: 26
Rank: Trooper
Age: 25
Died: 6-19-1938: Somerset Hospital, Somerset Co.
DOB: 6-8-1913
Cause: Cycle Accident
Site: Injured 6-17-1938; Rt. 31 (now Rt. 202), Raritan, Somerset Co.
Stationed: Troop "B" Somerville
Service Time: 1 year
Resided: Jersey City, Hudson Co.

Vincent Vosbein was born in Manahawken, New Jersey on June 8, 1913. He attended Grammar School at Manahawken, New Jersey and attended High School at Jersey City and Summit, New Jersey. He was a graduate of Dickinson A.E. High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. Prior to joining the New Jersey State Police, he served with the 107th Infantry, New York National Guard, from May 1935 to June 1937. He resided in Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey.

Trooper Vosbein enlisted with the New Jersey State Police on June 1, 1937 as a member of the 26th State Police Class. He was assigned to Troop "B", Somerville. His service with the Department was characterized by loyalty, fearless performance of duty, and faithful, energetic devotion to the principles of the New Jersey State Police.

Trooper Vosbein's death was the result of injuries he received in a motorcycle accident in the line of duty.

At 6:00 p.m. on June 17, 1938, Trooper Vosbein was on motorcycle patrol along Route 31 in Raritan, New Jersey. As he approached the intersection of Frelinghuysen Avenue, a light truck made a left-hand turn across the path of his motorcycle. Trooper Vosbein ran into the rear side of the truck, hurtling his motorcycle into the air. Trooper Vosbein landed on his head on the concrete pavement. He was taken to the hospital where he died on June 19, 1938 as a result of his injuries.

Trooper Vosbein served 1 year with the New Jersey State Police.

Trooper Vosbein was survived by his parents and two sisters. He was 25 years old.

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