Trooper of the Year 1990's

"Honor Above All Honors"

Trooper of the Year ribbon


Detective Sergeant John J. Quigley III #3440

While assigned to Troop "D" Criminal Investigations Office, Det. Sergeant Quigley distinguished himself in several criminal investigations. One investigation resulted in the arrest of 12 individuals for a double homicide. During another incident Det. Sergeant Quigley assisted in subduing the driver of a tractor trailer, who was attempting to run over troop cars. Det. Sergeant Quigley is also credited with saving a baby he helped deliver on the New Jersey Turnpike. The baby was born with the umbilical cord around its neck and wasn't breathing. Det. Sergeant Quigley removed the cord and started the baby breathing.


Detective I William Robb #3737

While assigned to the Investigations Bureau, Detective Robb spearheaded an investigation into an Auto Theft Trafficking Network dealing in high end vehicles. The investigation culminated with the indictment of 12 individuals, the recovery of $500,000 in stole vehicles and the dismantling of a criminal enterprise.


Trooper Scott Gonzalez #5059 (Posthumously)

While assigned to Troop "B" Hope Barracks, Trooper Gonzalez responded to a call of an individual armed with a shotgun enroute to his estranged girlfriend's residence to inflict bodily harm. Trooper Gonzalez observed the vehicle traveling on the highway and began following the vehicle. Trooper Gonzalez had previous contact with the subject and was aware of his violent nature. Trooper Gonzalez followed the vehicle into a long driveway and blocked the suspects escape. The suspect rammed Trooper Gonzalez's vehicle pinning him inside. Tpr. Gonzalez was fatally wounded during the ensuing gun battle. This engagement interrupted the flight of an armed and dangerous individual, until his apprehension by fellow troopers.

1998 - Detective I Matthew M. Wilson #4131

While assigned to the Investigations Bureau, Det. Wilson initiated an in depth, wide scope investigation including Arson for Profit, Insurance Fraud, Official Misconduct and Racketeering. This investigation resulted in the indictment of the arsonist and 16 other individuals for related charges of Insurance Fraud, Racketeering and Official Misconduct.


Det. I Richard Lane #3545

During 1996, while assigned to the Investigations Bureau, Detective Lane initiated an investigation into a large scale international auto theft conspiracy. Through Detective Lane's efforts, sufficient evidence was gathered to secure the arrests of 20 people and recover stolen vehicles valued in excess of 8 million dollars.


Trooper I Darryl Albonico #3749

During 1995, while assigned to the Field Services Section, Trooper Albonico effected the arrests of 40 persons on drug related offenses. Seized as a result of his efforts were 358 pounds of marijuana and 622 pounds of cocaine. The value of the illicit contraband seized was in excess of 30 million dollars.


Trooper II Raymond Lasso #4067

During 1994, while assigned to Troop "B" Hope Barracks, Trooper Lasso effected the arrests of 25 persons on various criminal charges. Seized as a result of these arrests were illicit drugs valued in excess of 6 million dollars. Most notably among these arrests was the seizure of 99 kilos of cocaineduring one road stop.


Detective I Gregory Wilson #3159
Detective Sergeant Joseph Fuentes #3190

During 1993, while assigned to the Intelligence Services Bureau, Detective I Gregory Wilson and Det. Sergeant Joseph Fuentes, the co-recipients of this year's award, were responsible for investigating the use of parts of northern New Jersey as cocaine transportation staging areas. Seized as a result of their efforts were illicit drugs valued in excess of 49 million dollars.


Trooper Patrick J. O'Dwyer #4091

During 1992, while assigned to Troop "C" Allenwood Barracks, Trooper O'Dwyer effected the arrests of 77 persons after initiating 69 separate patrol related investigations. Seized as a result of his efforts was illicit contraband in excess of $228,000.


Detective Sergeant Edward Quirk #2979
Detective Sergeant William Newsome #3043

During 1991, while assigned to the Intelligence Services Bureau, Det. Sergeant Quirk and Det. Sergeant William Newsome, the co-recipients of this year's award, were responsible for wholesale infiltration of elements of New York/New Jersey and Philadelphia organized crime families. The investigation, dubbed "Operation Broadsword," was highlighted by one of the first ever recordings of the induction of a soldier into an organized crime family.


Detective II Frank E. Rodgers #3664

During 1990, while assigned to the Investigations Bureau, Detective Rodgers, while acting in an undercover capacity, effected the arrests of 50 persons and seized illicit contraband and proceeds valued in excess of 11 million dollars.

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