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Form / Document / Guide Title
Last Updated
Excel Tally Book (Excel File - 1.7MB) 09/10/12
Tally Book Return "A" (Fillable PDF - 527kb) 11/08/10
Tally Book Return "A" (Non-Fillable PDF - 88kb) 10/22/10
Return A Monthly Count of Offenses Known to Police  (Fillable PDF - 108kb) 07/07/09
Return A Supplement (Fillable PDF - 89kb) 06/10/10
Age, Sex, Race and Ethnic Origin of Persons Arrested   (Excel - 52kb) 07/06/09
Age, Sex, Race and Ethnic Origin of Persons Arrested Under 18  (Excel - 50kb) 07/06/09
Supplementary Homicide Report 1a Murder  (Fillable PDF - 53kb) 07/07/09
Supplementary Homicide Report 1b Manslaughter   (Fillable PDF - 76kb) 07/07/09
Police Officers Killed or Assaulted Monthly Supplement  (Fillable PDF - 90kb) 07/07/09
Supplementary Arson Report   (Fillable PDF - 73kb) 07/07/09
Police Employee Form  (Fillable PDF - 73kb) 11/10/08
Prosecutor Homicide Supplementary Form  (Fillable PDF - 194kb) 11/10/08
Carjacking Offense - Reporting Instructions (PDF - 81kb)  
5 Year Crime Analysis - Request Procedures (PDF - 64kb) 07/05/17
UCR Drug Master List (PDF - 43kb)  
Domestic Violence
UCR Domestic Violence Form (Fillable PDF - 118kb) 01/26/16
Domestic Violence Report - Common Reporting Errors (PDF - 86kb)  
Domestic Violence Form Slide (PDF - 117kb)  
Bias Incident
UCR Bias Incident Form  (Fillable PDF - 119kb) 08/12/16
Bias Incident Report - Completion Procedures (PDF - 82kb)  
Bias Incident Form Slide (PDF - 71kb)  
Assault Firearms
Assault Firearm Supplementary Form   (Fillable PDF - 92kb) 11/10/08
Assault Firearms - Reporting Procedures (PDF - 85kb)  
Assault Firearms Form Slide (PDF - 113kb)  
Cargo Theft Incident
Cargo Theft Incident Report  (Fillable PDF - 629kb) 08/11/11
Cargo Theft - Reporting instructions (PDF - 81kb)  
Street Gang Incident
Street Gang Incident Offense Report  (Fillable PDF - 244kb) 08/03/12
Street Gang Incident Offense - Report Completion Procedures (PDF - 81kb)  
Street Gang Incident Offense Form Slide (PDF - 93kb)  
Link to E-UCR System Server
The only link to be used to access the E-UCR System is https://eucr.njsp.org:4606 . All previous links to access the system will be disabled by June 5, 2017.
UCR References
Tech Bundle Spotlight 1 (PDF - 194kb)  
UCR Summary Reporting System (SRS)
Last Updated
Summary Reporting System (SRS) User Manual (PDF - 1.19mb)  
UCR SRS Quick Reference Guide (PDF - 46kb) 05/02/2017
UCR National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)  
NIBRS User Manual (PDF - 1.53mb) 04/03/2018
NIBRS Technical Specifications (PDF - 1.96mb) 04/03/2018
NIBRS IEP (ZIP File Download - 554kb) 04/03/2018
NIBRS WS ICD (PDF - 229kb) 04/03/2018
NIBRS Quick Facts (PDF - 136kb) 07/19/2017
Benefits of NIBRS Participation (PDF - 314kb) 07/19/2017
Effects of NIBRS on Crime Statistics (PDF - 175kb)  
Cargo Theft Technical Specification (PDF - 308kb)  
Hate Crime Technical Specification (PDF - 216kb)  
NCS-X NIBRS Project Transition  
NIBRS Related Tech Specs  
Bureau of Justice Statistics - NCS-X Project  
FBI UCR Homepage  

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