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Unidentified Persons Deceased

Bergen County

If you have any information about cases or the identification of individuals, please contact: The New Jersey State Police at 1-800-709-7090

Unidentified Deceased White Male

Case Information

On September 5, 2002, the victim jumped from the George Washington Bridge in Bergen County, New Jersey.

U960003134 02-09
Date Body Found Estimated Date of Death
September 05, 2002 September 05, 2002

Biological Profile

Estimated Year of Birth 1947 - 1957
Sex Male
Race White
Height 5'10" - 6'0"
Weight 205 - 215 lbs.
Hair Gray
Eyes Brown
Scars, Marks and Tattoos The victim has a 4 x 3 inch square shaped scar around his umbilicus and a vaccination scar on his upper left arm.
CLOTHING The victim was wearing a jacket (size M), a white Fruit of the Loom shirt (size XXL), Beige Polo shorts (size 42), a black belt, white "Marten Raj" socks, white Nike sneakers (size 13), and Fruit of the Loom underwear (size XXL).
OTHER INFO The victim has all 32 teeth present with no restorations. The victim was wearing a black Casio watch and had a black wallet with him.
MISC. Full x-rays are available for comparison.


None at this time.

Additional Photos

None at this time


If you have any information about this case or the identification of this individual, please contact:
The New Jersey State Police at 1-800-709-7090.

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