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Hudson County

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Unidentified Deceased White Male

Case Information

The victim was found on March 29, 1991 on the bank of the Passaic River in Kearny, Hudson County, NJ.

U484009250 91-2918
Date Body Found Estimated Date of Death
March 29, 1991 March 22, 1991

Biological Profile

Estimated Year of Birth 1946 - 1966
Sex Male
Race White
Height 5'8" - 6'0"
Weight 160 - 180 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Scars, Marks and Tattoos The right lower end of the humerus shows orthopedic hardware consisting of a metal plate on the medial side placed in situ with six (6) screws seen sideways and two (2) at right angles on the viewing plane. The breakage in the bone has completely healed leaving no residual tell tale deformities or deposits of calcium or visible fracture line at this point. He also has a goatee and a moustache.
CLOTHING The victim was found wearing a pale green "sports" type jacket, a full sleeved plaid "Cantelco" shirt (size small), a T-shirt with a figure of a person on a surfboard and "Hobie" written on it on the front, dark green "Dickies" work pants with no belt around the waist (size 32 x 32), boxer underwear which are held in place with a red color shoelace, two (2) pairs of socks (the outermost are dark brown and the innermost are red), and a shoe on his left foot (size 9). The shoes are worn down almost to the sole.
MISC. Full x-rays and dental records are available for comparison.



Additional Photos

None available


If you have any information about this case or the identification of this individual, please contact:
The New Jersey State Police at 1-800-709-7090.

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